Made in the USA with Global Components

An American-based company

Waterloo proudly employs Americans in our Sedalia, Missouri plant to manufacture many of our storage products. Waterloo purchases 100% of our cold roll mill steel from American steel mills. As the largest component of our products, steel accounts for roughly 40% of our total product cost. Starting with large rolls of steel, we have in-house capabilities to slit, stamp, form, weld, and paint. Waterloo employees assemble and inspect the products, and then package, store, and ship them. All to bring you a domestically-manufactured product line with quality and durability baked into its essence.

Look for the “Made in the USA with US and Global Components” statement on product pages within this website. We are continually working to certify even more of our products to qualify for this statement.

Even our products marked “Made in the USA with US and Global Components” may have some minor components that are purchased from certified vendors outside of the United States.

Our manufacturing facility is in Sedalia, Missouri, and we have an office in Waterloo, Iowa. Sales managers, sales representatives, and distributors are located around the world.

Made in the USA

Waterloo Industries is proud of its American workforce.