Industrious tool storage for industrial tool users

American manufacturing employs tough professionals who use tools to get the job done. Rely on Waterloo tool storage products to store, organize and protect the tools you use, day in and day out. With rugged construction, durable drawer slides and big-time weight capacities, our tool storage solutions keep your valuable tools organized and secure, whether you're storing:

  • Hand tools
  • Machine tool components
  • Frequently-used parts
  • Portable equipment
  • Anything you need right at the work location
  • Storage Combos

    PCH_528RD chest and PCA_5211RD cabinet

    Add a chest to a cabinet for more storage in the same footprint.

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  • Utility Carts


    Move tools and parts to remote or tight spots with a compact, easily maneuverable cart.

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  • Portables


    A hand-carried storage box for jobs that require basic tools away from the primary work site.

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  • Accessories


    Take your storage products to the next level with productivity-enhancing accessories.

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