Maintenance, repair and organization for a wide range of tool storage solutions

Maintenance and repair professionals rely on tools to keep operations of every size and shape running smoothly. And the tool storage solution of choice for productivity-minded MRO pros is Waterloo.

In busy maintenance and repair departments, tools and equipment need to be kept secure, organized, and easily accessible. That's where Waterloo's wide variety of storage solutions comes in. Waterloo offers durable, versatile storage and transport products to meet your needs, whether you're storing:

  • Large repair tools
  • Maintenance supplies
  • Precision calibration tools
  • Most industry-related equipment
  • Replacement parts
  • Storage Combos

    WCH_418BK chest and WCA_4111BK cabinet

    Add a chest to a cabinet for more storage in the same footprint.

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  • Utility Carts


    Move tools and parts directly to the repair site in a compact, easily maneuverable cart.

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  • Portables


    Hand-held storage boxes provide easy transportation of tools for small jobs away from primary work areas.

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  • Workbenches


    The perfect solution for small-to-medium-sized repairs.

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  • Accessories


    Take your storage products to the next level with productivity-enhancing accessories.

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