Industry-Leading Service and Support

Rely on Waterloo for best-in-class service and support

Waterloo Industries supports our industry-leading products with an industry-leading support team. Your Waterloo distributor, our customer service department and our Replacement Parts department work together to make sure that your purchase and post-purchase experiences are satisfying and convenient. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your order is complete, undamaged, and delivered quickly.

Customer Support

We’re ready to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your Waterloo experience.

Replacement Parts

Waterloo’s Replacement Parts Department provides unmatched post-purchase support for our customers.


Waterloo products carry a limited warranty of 7, 5 or 1 year, depending on the product.

Operator’s Manuals

Waterloo provides operator’s manuals and assembly instructions for its wide range of products.


Waterloo answers our most frequently asked questions.

Glossary of Terms

Waterloo defines popular tool storage industry terms and phrases.